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Child Abuse and Neglect


Sometimes parents, guardians or custodians take actions that create a danger to children in the home. Failure to protect children also may result in their being abused or neglected. There are several types of abuse and neglect:

  • Physical abuse includes non-accidental physical injuries such as broken bones, bruises, burns, cut or other injuries.
  • Sexual abuse occurs when there is sexual conduct or contact with children. Using children in pornography, prostitution or other types of sexual activity is also sexual abuse.
  • Neglect exists when parents, guardians or custodians place children at substantial risk of harm by not providing children with adequate food, clothing, shelter, supervision or medical care. Neglect includes:
    • Parents leaving a child with no one to care for them or leaving a child with a caretaker and not returning or making other arrangements for their care.
    • Allowing children to live in a hazardous environments.
    • Using a child for material gain including forcing a child to panhandle, steal or perform other illegal activities.
  • Emotional abuse or neglect occurs when a child suffers severe anxiety, withdrawal, depression or other severe emotional disturbance due to acts or omissions by the parent or caretaker.
Data Source: 

Arizona Department of Economic Security, Division of Children, Youth, and Families.

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