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As one of many indicator initiatives nationally, Arizona Indicators seeks to actively engage colleagues in the field who are working with complementary datasets. Recently, Morrison Institute for Public Policy, Arizona Indicators’ parent institution, strengthened its relationship with Brookings Institution.

Morrison Institute for Public Policy and Brookings Institution are now partners in Brookings Mountain West, a collaboration of Brookings Institution and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Brookings Mountain West was established in 2009, building upon the work of Brookings’ Metropolitan Policy Program. With a focus on the Intermountain West states – Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, and New Mexico – Brookings Mountain West conducts research on economic growth, demographic change, infrastructure improvement, environmental impact, alternative energy, and real estate investment.

About Morrison Institute for Public Policy

Morrison Institute for Public Policy bridges the gap between academic scholarship and public policy through services to public and private sector clients and independent research. Providing research, program evaluation, and outreach to organizations in Arizona, Morrison is a unit within the School of Public Affairs, College of Public Programs at Arizona State University.