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Civic Life

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Arizona’s Youth Volunteer Rate Continues to Increase

Although Arizona’s overall volunteer rate continues to lag behind the national average, the percentage of Arizona youth aged 16-19 who volunteer reached 30 percent in the latest Volunteering in America survey, three percentage points above the national average.  Arizona’s volunteering rate is lowest among its seniors, with large gaps between the volunteering rate of Arizona and the nation in the 65-74 and 75+ age categories.

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Arizona Ranks Worst for Legislative Appropriations for the Arts

Historically, legislative appropriations have provided core support for Arizona art organizations, enhancing quality of life for residents and bolstering the vitality of Arizona’s creative economy. Once ranked 25th in arts appropriations per capita, Arizona is now last on this measure. In 2012 and 2013, Arizona zeroed out legislative appropriations for the arts, down from $0.30 per capita in 2009 and $0.50 per capita in 2000.


Arizona’s Civic Life

We believe the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan's arts and culture section can improve our economic condition.

Civic life is a major component of quality of life and economic prosperity. Arizona’s myriad arts and culture activities showcase the state’s diversity and uniqueness and help create a place that people want to visit or call home. However, developing and sustaining a distinctive cultural identity requires fiscal and community support.

In this section, you will find indicators that measure Arizona’s cultural opportunities and participation, economic productivity, funding, and civic engagement.