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Rate of Physicians and MDs


This is the number of physicians and MDs in patient care per 10,000 civilian population. There is limited access to primary care in the state of Arizona as it is ranked #43 in the country for availability of physician services, according to United Health Care's America's Health Rankings most recent 2007 data. There are a shortage of primary care physicians in rural areas; however these medically under-served areas have reduced in size since 1999. They still, however, cover a large part of the state.

Data Source: 

U.S. Center for Disease Control.

Data Quality Comments: 

Data on physician characteristics are obtained through physician self-report from the American Medical Association’s (AMA) Physician Masterfile.  'Total Physicians' includes active doctors of medicine and active doctors of osteopathy.   ‘Doctors of medicine in patient care’ excludes doctors of osteopathy (DOs) and doctors of medicine in medical teaching, administration, research, and other nonpatient care activities.

iconRate of Physicians & MDs in Arizona (per 10,000 pop)

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