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New Sky Train Connects Metro Light Rail with Sky Harbor International Airport

Light rail ridership, although fluctuating on a seasonal basis, has stayed consistent over its four years of service. The number of passengers at Sky Harbor International Airport decreased during the economic downturn, but has rebounded during the past three years. With the opening of the Sky Train in April, 2013, there is now an easy way for passengers using the light rail and flying in or out of Sky Harbor Airport to travel between the two, encouraging passengers to leave their car at home. A recent article in The Arizona Republic discussed the excitement of the Sky Train debut and the plans in place for its future expansion. Currently the Sky Train connects the light rail station at 44th Street and Washington to Terminal 4, with a stop at the East Economy Lot along the way. Expansion to Terminal 3, with a walkway to Terminal 2, is scheduled for completion in early 2015.


Arizona’s Transportation

I thought it was perfect. This is just going to transform the way passengers interact with (the airport). … It’s a great day.

Danny Murphy, Phoenix Aviation Director, in The Arizona Republic, April 9, 2013.

Well-planned, properly maintained transportation infrastructure is critical to growth at the local, regional, and state level. Good transportation systems form an extensive connective tissue that supports social and economic networks alike. Furthermore, public and commercial use of transit options has far reaching implications for quality of life, trade, and the environment.

This section contains sustainable transportation indicators ranging from travel time to bus ridership and economic transportation indicators such as international flights and truck containers crossing the Arizona-Mexico border.