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Indicator Trends

AZ Youth Face Tough Odds

According to the 2014 Kids Count Data Book, Arizona still compares unfavorably on key indicators of child well-being, ranking 4th worst overall.

Losing ground since 2008:

  • Children whose parents lack secure employment (34%)
  • Children living in high-poverty areas (22%)
  • Children in single-parent families (38%)

Making progress since 2008:

  • Child & teen deaths per 100,000 (28)
  • Children not attending preschool (67%)
  • High school students not graduating on time (23%)


Mountain Monitor Interactive Data VisualizationBrookings Mountain West
Morrison Institute for Public Policy and Brookings Institution are now partners in Brookings Mountain West, a collaboration of Brookings Institution and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas that conducts research on economic growth, demographic change, infrastructure improvement, environmental impact, alternative energy, and real estate investment in the Intermountain West. Check out the latest output from Mountain Monitor.

Sports Betting

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Population BasicsCheck out Population Basics, an interactive tool that allows you to explore demographic data about Arizona, our 15 counties, and metro Phoenix and Tucson. If you prefer raw data, explore the demographics section of our Google Spreadsheets collection: Explore Arizona Demographics Data in Google Spreadsheets

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